Baggington. Better for your belongings.

Baggington was first created in 2018 through a successful USA crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter launching our first liquid repellent leather briefcase and tablet portfolio.

Baggington continued its success into Asia in 2019 through a successful Taiwan crowdfunding campaign on Zec Zec.

Throughout the years, the Baggington collection has expanded from our original briefcase and tablet portfolio on crowdfunding, now into both ladies and men for all types of small leather goods and wallets to many different countries around the world.

The Baggington collection is the result of using the most durable materials crafted together by professionals that understand Baggington's mission: to develop high-quality, crafted leather accessories at an honest price.

Part of our company mission, is to give back a honest pricing to you. Traditional luxury brands may artifically inflate prices. By cutting out the middlemen, we sell our products at a fraction of what comparable brands would charge. Fairly priced without retail premium markups, so you get the same quality at a 1/2 or 1/3 of the typical cost.